August 16, 2007

There's Preggers, And Then There's PREGGERS

We've never been into Nicole Richie because back in the day she was horrid at a club we frequented in Miami. Her actions since then have been totally misguided and the whole Paris thing disgusts us. Now because she's pregnant (and we need to up our posts for her category) we are reluctantly blogging about her. That and because she's in New York because if you can make it know the rest. We may regret saying this but we actually think she looks cute pregnant. We still remember her chubby days (how could you forget?) but she seems to be taking advice from her brilliant manager Benny Medina. He created Jennifer Lopez's career and is genius. Nicole and fiancee Joel Madden spent the week in New York as he tours with his band on the East Coast. (Good Charlotte is the band. And no, we don't know one song they sing....BUT he used to date Hilary Duff.) She dined with BFF Mischa Barton and attended Justin Timberlake's concert at the garden, and looked rather healthy doing so. Is that enough? Did we full the required number of words for the quota? Please. She sucks and always will. Pregnant or not. Speaking of, Salma Hayek is hella-pregnant. She and her Billionaire fiancee just bought a couple of mansions for their impending kid. Livin' la vida loca.