August 30, 2007

We Love To Watch Court TV

Holy Toledo, it's been 5 days since we've blogged and we apologize. Tonight we celebrated the birthday of His Royal Highness Prince Nobody, heir to the throne. Unfortunately for our friends over on the west coast, the situation is not to be desired. The Phil Spector trial has gone haywire and while Los Angeles District Attorney Alan Jackson (not the country singer) proves an obvious case of murder, Spector is changing lawyers like we change cocktails. Final arguments begin with in the week (or next) and Spector's lead attorney, Bruce (John Gotti lawyer) Cutler has resigned from the case with his client's approval. Spector's son did an interview with Court TV in which he said he believes his father is wasting his money on the criminal case so he won't have any money left to give to Lana Clarkson's family in the inevitable civil suit. Spector and ex-wife argued in court over child support and he paid all in nickels. Like thousands of dollars in nickels. Delivered in truckloads. Freak.