September 30, 2007

The Lowdown On Lohan

Lohan has been in a Utah rehab for more than a month now and when her mother Dina was asked about an imminent release, she replied via email, 'Not true, staying in Utah.' Lindsay has reconciled with her father and the two will spend five days together at an undisclosed facility. You know they'll get all drunk together. There were rumors that Lohan had sex with a fellow rehabber in a bathroom and now the guy's wife is divorcing him. The guy (above) is named Tony and is in some band and normally wears a lot of eyeliner. Yeah, one of those. Anyway his wife's family is worth a couple of billion dollars so her lawyers are going for the throat. Oh, and they have 8-month-old twins together. Lohan's rep issued a statement saying that Lindsay and Tony are friends and that she was not involved in the demise of the marriage. We think Lohan did her a favor because why would this chick be with a drug-addicted, eyeliner-wearing loser like him anyway? He's 39 years old and wears eyeliner. Enough said.
Moving on...Steve-O went on Howard Stern and described how Lindsay stole cocaine from him. Apparently she was at his house and came back saying she left her wallet in the bathroom and swiped his stash. If that's not pathetic, we're not sure what is. In happier news it looks like Lindsay may have discovered the reason that people love dogs (below). She has at least one dog herself although we've never seen a single photo of him, and we try to keep on top of these things. She probably traded him for drugs. We kid.

Laughing At Paris Is Fun

The always hilarious David Letterman was gracious enough to have Paris Hilton on his show which aired Friday, and she wasn't even smart enough to play along. This is some of his best work, and she really needs to not take herself so seriously. Apparently she said she will never go back on his show. Puh-lease. Like she has anywhere else to go? It's isn't all bad though...we commend her on letting her hair grow out naturally, no matter how ridiculous it looks. And congrats to her on breaking into legitimate acting which we've heard is very difficult for porn stars. She's a trailblazer.

Third Time's A Charm?

Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon applied for a marriage license in Las Vegas yesterday, making this the third marriage for each of them. Pammy just turned 40 and Rick is 38. Rick starred in Paris Hilton's porn video, One Night In Paris, and was previously married to Shannen Doherty (Brenda Walsh) and some other girl. Pamela, was married to....well, you know all about her thoughts on marriage. She wrote on her blog: "Rick has been a friend for 15 years. … I finally am fulfilled in my life in every area. I’m a responsible devoted mom. I’m in love -. And my work is fun and creative. I’m healthy….I’m having the best time in my life." She seemed to be having the best time of her life recently with Tommy Lee (below) but that could be interpreted in several ways. Okay, maybe not, but we hope things work out better this time around than with Kid Rock. Mazel Tov to the happy couple.

September 29, 2007

Brit Brit Is Our New Baby Jessica

While we're not saying that the Fedster didn't have anything to do with Brit's rapid decline, we are confident that her betrayal of Justin was the catalyst that began the whole debacle. It's almost as if she fell into an uncovered well and the whole nation is waiting to see what happens, but more about her later. Above, Justin closes his world tour by throwing his shirt into an audience of screaming fans. He's appeared in numerous movies and we thought his role in Alpha Dog was rather impressive. He just won an Emmy, several VMA's and is nominated in five categories for the European VMA's. Obviously Brit has been regretting that cheating with the back-up dancer ordeal (who was BFF with Wacko Jacko and completely playing for the other team) but this here....this is like salt in the wound. But the rest of y'all...enjoy.

Bruce Cutler Wins Again

The jury in the Phil Spector murder trial was deadlocked 10 to 2 so now the whole ordeal has to be done all over again. Those 2 jurors holding out for not guilty are now relaxing on a beach with a daiquiri in hand, with Cutler 2 cabanas away. Guaran-fuckin-teed. Spector is obviously guilty and a freak at that. He actually has the above sign on his house. Absolute freak. As you may know, we watched quite a bit of the trial and this guy is nuts. He told his driver, "I think I killed someone," while holding a gun with blood all over it. The driver called 911 and said my boss just killed someone. was on tape. We all heard it. Do rich Hollywood freaks actually have to be videotaped killing someone for them to get convicted? If that's the case, TMZ should start taping all the celebs at all times. Oh wait, they already do that.

Six Degrees Of Sutherland

Shortly after the above photo was taken, Keifer Sutherland got into his car and did an illegal u-turn in front of the club he had just left and of course, got a Dee-wee. He was officially charged today and hired Lohan's lawyer that got her the 1-day sentence for her two arrests so obviously he doesn't have much to worry about. Keifer is on probation for a DUI he got in 2004 and we believe he's had like 4 dee-wee's altogether. We lose count. While we're on the subject, his father Donald is brilliant as patriarch Tripp Darling, on Dirty Sexy Money which premiered this week on ABC. And again while we're on the subject, albeit a different subject, if you've never seen Ordinary People, please do. Now that we're on the Donald Sutherland subject, that reminds us of another amazing performance he gave in Six Degrees of Separation. Okay, we'll stop now.

Totally Being A Slacker Is Awesome

Our apologies for the absence of intriguing gossip this week, but in our defense there was not much to be found. (And we were too busy enjoying the last days of summer.) Anyway, Nicole Richie returned from Hawaii and began her 18-month anti-drinking course, a consolation prize for her numerous arrests. While our interest in her fell by the wayside long ago, we're kind of warming up to her again and are thrilled that she is looking so great these days. Her boyfriend? Not so much.

September 23, 2007

It's Cold Down Here, Y'All

While Lohan is resting up in rehab, The News Of The World has launched its first attack against their new favorite target, Britney Spears. Fortunately Brit's story doesn't include S&M photos, but her former bodyguard gave an extensive interview with all the sordid details. Ugh. She really needs to make everyone she employs (or hooks up with) sign confidentiality agreements. Fat Tony also gave this information to the court handling the custody case which led to her court-ordered drug testing. Apparently when she was preparing for those "showcases" in the spring, she was all hopped up on crystal meth. The day of her first show she nearly overdosed in a hotel room with dirtbag Howie Day whom she met in rehab. That might explain why she wore a bra to perform in, and wrote all over her skirt. As for the rest of it, Brit's expression below says it all. To top it off, she was charged with hit and run and driving without a license following a fender bender she had in which she left the scene. The paparazzi filmed it all so the case is pretty open and shut, and if convicted she could spend 6 months in jail. We're no experts on rock-bottom, but we dare to venture that Britney has hit it.

Our Boy Takes A Tumble

Gorgeous George and the luckiest woman in the world, aka Sarah Larson, were hurt in a motorcycle accident in Jerswah this weekend. They collided with a car on a narrow road and he broke a rib while his girlfriend broke her foot. He should take this as a sign that he should not be in a relationship with this Fear Factor chick. Not to be master of the obvious or anything, but he can do much, much better.

September 21, 2007

That's How Long I Been On Ya'

Following the VMA's and Brit's performance, Kanye West got himself yet another AP news story with an outburst backstage. He totally freaked out that he didn't win any of the 5 awards he was up for and was screaming that he was done with MTV and "give a black man a chance." He was pissed that he performed in the Hugh Hefner suite while everybody else performed on the main stage. To his credit, he and Alicia Keys saved the entire show and much of what he said did make since. He also said MTV used Britney and he should've opened with the above song, Stronger. While he does need to simmer down just a lil' bit, his album, Graduation, and the above song, Stronger, are #1 in the country, crushing Fiddy's release. Enjoy.

September 19, 2007

Every Little Thing, Gonna Be All Right

On Monday, Britney Spears' lawyer AND agent dropped her. Ouch. Today a judge ruled that Brit Brit is a "habitual, frequent and continuous" user of alcohol and controlled substances and now must undergo twice-weekly random testing. She must also meet with a "parenting coach" twice a week for a minimum of 8 hours. Neither she nor the Fedster can drink alcohol or take non-prescriptions drugs at least 12 hours before visiting with the kids. We're sure this has to do with "Fat Tony" and his crazy lawyer, Gloria Allred, who has promised him as a secret witness. He was Brit's bodyguard for 2 months following her rehab stint and she fired him on May 17th because he didn't hear her tell him to pick up her hat. Whatever. He's disgruntled. Regardless, the NYC radio stations have had "Gimme More" at the top of their requests all week. She'll get through it and we'll cheer. Please, Britney, get through it. No clubs. No drugs. No drinking. No Cheetos. Work out and practice your singing. And your parenting. Okay, enough lecturing for today.

September 18, 2007

We Really Dislike Spencer Pratt

Heidi and Spencer are so totally desperate. We missed the episode but just caught it over at mtv, click here to watch the "showdown" at ketchup. Doesn't Tara Reid own that place? Totally random.

At Least He Still Has Hell To Look Forward To

Where do we even begin with this OJ Simpson drama? Like seriously, who busts into a hotel room with guys he met at a cocktail reception of a wedding, and goes "commando" with guns?! GUNS! He's facing 11 felony charges and could get up to life in prison. His book, If I Did It, which the Goldman family won the rights to, is #2 on Amazon and B&N and a second printing was just ordered. Holy freakin' 1994.

September 12, 2007

Leave Britney Alone!

While Britney has been out of sight since Sunday evening, her record company is using the added attention to focus on her album which will be released in November. Following her performance Brit made the rounds with her brother and was once again photographed getting out of the car with no underwear on. Her new album has a strong 80's influence and she worked with some great producers so it's bound to have some value. Hopefully she'll get herself in shape for the album release promo tour. When she walked out onto the stage Sunday she could see herself in the huge screens and said, "I looked like a fat pig." Hey, she said it, not us. The most frustrating part if it all, is that if she had just worn the corset that MTV urged her to wear and not acted like a brat, it could have all been great. She hired 2 female assistants of famed hair God Ken Paves, to do her weave for the show. Let's back up. She showed up to rehearsal on Saturday 4 hours late with a margarita in her hand. The choreography and routine looked amazing with Brit's stand-in and included lifts and complicated dance routines. Brit nixed all of that and basically just walked through the steps. We saw the video of it and she was wearing jeans, sunglasses and a huge straw hat to dance in. Whatever. Then she headed off to party with her cousin Alli, photos below.

Finally, at 4:30 am on Sunday (the day of her performance) she was seen leaving The Palms with Criss Angel. Way to prepare for the big comeback. So then Brit gets over to the show and nixes the corset saying it wasn't sexy enough, but we think maybe she wore it out the night before and got cheeto dust all over it? Anyway, she put on the bra and underwear, had some abs spray-tanned on and then freaked out because Ken Paves showed up himself to do her hair, rather than his assistants. Apparently Brit only likes to have females around. Probably because gay men actually tell her the truth or maybe because she's a lesbian. Whatever the case may be, Ken left and took his extensions with him and you all know the rest. Ken's pr rep said that he "made a professional decision not to style Britney for the VMA's." At least one person is coming to Brit's rescue and has become quite famous in the process. Chris Crocker has appeared on ABC, CNN, will be on The View, spoke to Howard Stern....all because of the below video he posted on YouTube. If you can bear to hear anything more on Britney click on the video below. Over 3 million other people have in the past 2 days.

September 11, 2007

Brit Hosts Calling Hours For Her Career

This is one of those things that you need to see to believe. If you have already seen Britney's lip-synching "I don't give a shit" performance from the VMA's, then don't torture yourself again by watching the above clip. Rest In Peace.

September 9, 2007

The 2007 MTV Video Music Awards

The VMA's are on right now for "one time only" and we must say that we were thoroughly disappointed by the Britney performance. They had a new award - the major song of the year and Rihanna won for 'Umbrella' which was cool. Justin Timberlake won the award for triple threat of the year (singing, acting, clothing line) and he always rocks. We posted the above pic of Alicia Keys and Fiddy Cent because host Sarah Silverman made a great joke during her opening monologue which referred to 50, and Alicia is semi-hosting. Also...they were at the Rock Honors holding hands. Cute.

September 7, 2007

Giving Shiloh A Run For Her Money

Halle Berry confirmed that she is 3 months pregnant with long-term boyfriend and model, Gabriel Something. They met on the set of a Versace advertising shoot. Best wishes.

Brit Needs To Talk With A-Rod

MTV confirmed that Britney will open the VMA's on Sunday night, performing her song 'Gimme More.' It's far too early in the morning to be searching for our recent posts which play the song so click on Britney's category to hear the latest. Moving on, Brit showed up to the opening of LAX two hours late which she was hosting and chilled with Criss Angel in the fancy people section. They have the same agent, reformed cokehead (allegedly) Jeff Kwazinetz or however you spell it, the guy that bought the big agency and was engaged to Brittany Murphy. Anyway, MTV is thrilled to have Brit open the show, as are we, but we are just praying she rocks it. She really, really, really needs to knock it out of the park. We love the movie Magnolia when Philip Seymour Hoffman says 'this is one of those moments that you see in a movie. Those moments are in movies because they really happen. For our little Brit Brit, this is that moment.

September 5, 2007

Bravo, Amy, Bravo

We trust you all had a great Labor Day Weekend, and we could not be more pleased with our favorite Brit, Amy Winehouse. After the whole rehab thing, she went back to the smack and crack and kicked the crap out of her husband (above) in London. She cancelled her appearance at the MTV VMA's as well as her performance tour in the states. Reports from the St. Lucia hotel in which she and hubby spent last week were disturbing as Amy was clearly ill (vomiting blood) to the point that the hotel staff urged her to enter a hospital. After returning to London, Amy performed 'Love Is A Losing Game' at the Mercury Awards and was flawless. We love how she changed it up from the album version. Enjoy.