September 21, 2007

That's How Long I Been On Ya'

Following the VMA's and Brit's performance, Kanye West got himself yet another AP news story with an outburst backstage. He totally freaked out that he didn't win any of the 5 awards he was up for and was screaming that he was done with MTV and "give a black man a chance." He was pissed that he performed in the Hugh Hefner suite while everybody else performed on the main stage. To his credit, he and Alicia Keys saved the entire show and much of what he said did make since. He also said MTV used Britney and he should've opened with the above song, Stronger. While he does need to simmer down just a lil' bit, his album, Graduation, and the above song, Stronger, are #1 in the country, crushing Fiddy's release. Enjoy.