October 1, 2007


Congratulations to Jenny from the Block and her impending motherhood. Lopez has talked ad nauseum about wanting to have a child and finally now it appears she is preggers. She has been wearing loose fitting clothing for at least a month now and now she has the pregger nose. Remember Brit Brit's nose? It's common for pregnant women to experience a widening of the nose and J.Lo's usually aristocratic nose job has expanded to its usual size. We think it may have something to do with the increased sense of smell that animals gain when pregnant. Who knows. We do, however, know that the outfit she wore to open her tour with husband Marc Anthony is ridiculous. What is she thinking?! Yes, we just used the exclamation point. In our opinion that outfit deserves it. In fact, we hate that last photo so much that we'll actually give it three exclamation points. So there.