October 10, 2007

Hopefully This Mess Will Stay In Vegas

In between sets of her magic show in Vegas, Pam Anderson married Rick Salomon. On Letterman, Pam's second husband, Kid Rock, said, "I wish somebody would have given me the advice I'm about to give Rick Salomon. Why buy the cow, when you get the milk for free?" Then he said, "I wish them much happiness." Pam wore a denim miniskirt to the ceremony, which we suppose is better than the white bikini's she's worn to her other weddings, but still. During the 90-minute ceremony/reception which featured pigs in a blanket, a fake cardboard wedding cake, and macaroni and cheese, Pam lovingly referred to her new husband as "Scum." Seriously. We couldn't make this shit up. Best wishes to you, Pammie. (Something tells us you're gonna definitely need it.)