May 28, 2008

Standing On The Moon

I see the battle rage below. Standing on the moon, I see the soldiers coming home. A lovely view of heaven, but I'd rather be with you.

May 16, 2008

Cinderella Made New Friends

Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty (fresh from jail) filmed a few precious moments while they were cracked out of their minds. Our favorite part is when Amy's mouse tells Blake not to divorce "mummy." We look forward to the mice turning into horses to pull the carriage so Amy can make it to the ball.

May 13, 2008

Check Out The Big Tats On Brad

While his ladies were lunching, Brad Pitt took his sons on a helicopter ride over Monaco. It's safe to say that Mrs. Smith is having a significant influence on Mr. Smith. Our guess is that they let one of the kids write on Brad and then he had it tattoo's permanently. Cute.

May 12, 2008

Jailhouse Rock

Amy Winehouse has become the modern-day Keith Richards and we can only hope she divorces that gross husband of hers that is still in jail. Nice marriage. He's in jail. Weird. The latest gossip has her hooking up with the assistant to her manager. (above...the asst.) Anyway, Winehouse was supposed to record the title song to the next Bond film, but her friend and producing partner, Mark Ronson, said she's "not ready." Amy was also arrested twice in the past month, once for head-butting a guy in a pub, and once for smoking crack on that video. Ouch.

Oprah Is Totally Playing Cupid

Two new relationships have heated up with Mariah Carey marrying Nick Cannon after 6 weeks of dating and Jenifer Aniston looking fantastic with John Mayer. Both boys are 10 years younger than the gals. Both Mariah and Jen are BFF with Oprah and are now reaping the benefits. Hopefully they'll all campaign this fall. Ooooh, speaking of Obama, Scarlett Johanssen (one of his earliest supporters) is now engaged to Ryan Reynolds. Bravo.

YOU Get A Baby & YOU Get a Baby!

Speaking of babies...nearly all the gals in Hollywood are having them. Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry had one, Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman had one (and named him Max, a name we love), Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony had twins, Max and Emme and finally, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden had one and named her Bella. We are going on memory with those names, so apologies in advance for mistakes. On deck for babies are Angelina, Gwen, Jessica Alba, and Minnie Driver. Best wishes to all you lucky ladies!
correction: Nicole and Joel's daughter is named Harlowe. Not Bella.

Ladies' Lunch In Monaco

Angelina stepped out for some shopping with her girls, dressed all in black. Hopefully she's not reverting back to that Goth stage we all had to live through when she won her Oscar. EEWWW, remember that kiss with her brother? Creepy.

Go Get A Loofah, Dude

Bill O'Reilly really needs to see a doctor about that. Holy rage.

May 11, 2008

Must See TV

*The code to play the video is all wiggedy-whacked so click here to go to NBC's site featuring the clip*
Senator Clinton is a sore loser and has no ethical standards. Happy Mothers' Day!

SNL Just Stuck A Fork In Hillary

In preparation for the opening monologue of tonight's Saturday Night Live, we'll throw this video your way. Enjoy.

May 5, 2008

D is for Divorce

Tricia Walsh-Smith was evicted from her Manhattan apartment per the pre-nup and is looking for a new location to film her YouTube rants. The Insider jumped all over this and thank God because somebody needs to ask the hard-hitting questions. Oh, and Tricia? Lose your plastic surgeon's number.