October 25, 2009

The Great Balloon Hoax of 2009

Dear Lord, what shall we do about the Heene family? It's all so ridiculously sordid and pathetic and what about those children?! First of all, the father needs to be locked away. He should have never been allowed to breed in the first place. Here we have two people that met in an acting class and decided to have children in an effort to become famous. The family was on 'Wife Swap' and we randomly watched the episode back in the day and immediately realized that the show was not for us. The father, Richard Heene, threw milk on the visiting mother and it was all so disgusting and sad and we vowed never to watch the show again...a promise we have kept to this day. Unfortunately, we did watch Jon & Kate Plus Eight for several seasons because we are all about TLC and those kids are gosh darn cute. Sure, we thought Kate was a controlling, maniacal insane person, but it all seemed to work and the kids were having fun and that was that. Now? God help all those kids.