June 22, 2012

Your Time Is Now, Cat Marnell

Like all of you, we have favorite websites and blogs where we read a bit, learn a bit, and sometimes laugh and cry a bit. One such website is xojane.com which is helmed by Jane Pratt of 'Sassy' and 'Jane' fame. Fun Fact: We won a bottle of Benetton Colors perfume in the 8th grade by entering a 'Sassy' contest. We were so totally excited when the fancy lady from New York City called on the phone to tell us we had won. Another Fun Fact: Many years later, while living in New York City, we attended Jane Pratt's launch party for 'Jane.' Anyway, xojane.com is one of our sites we dig which brings us to Cat Marnell. Miss Marnell was the beauty and health editor of xojane, having cut her teeth at 'Lucky' magazine back in the day. Along with xojane writers Emily and Julie, Cat was fun to read and her honest voice resonated with readers.

However. Cat is addicted to drugs and is unable to write. She would post maybe one story a week while everyone else was publishing 4 or 5 pieces. Every once in a while she would post a video in lieu of a story wherein she would berate Julie (her former assistant) or snort bath salts or apply self-tanner in a manic state which was not becoming. We're not talking smoking a joint to unwind which would be fine, but Cat is on angel dust, heroin, cocaine, or ecstacy. Having failed at numerous rehabs she is now truculent about her drug use to anyone that will listen, telling Page Six that she can't spend another summer worrying about deadlines when she'd rather smoke pcp with her friends. To that we say, grow the fuck up. You are 31 years old and you can either be a successful writer or be a drug addict. You can't be both. Having just read Bill Clegg's 'Portrait Of An Addict As A Young Man' and Nic Sheff's 'Tweak' we get the whole too addicted to do anything but drugs thing, and we hope Miss Marnell gets it too. This beautiful thing we call life is more than smoking angel dust with your friends. Get it together, kid, for this is your time.