March 1, 2005

The Bachelor/Bachelorette Fiasco

Here is a link to some pics of the new Hottie McHott-Hott actor that will be the new bachelor. Apparently he was on a show called "Sliders" at some point, and he is the brother of Jerry O'Connell. Jerry was the chubby kid in 'Stand By Me' that grew up to be a hot guy in 'Jerry Maguire' and is now on "Crossing Jordan" and is hooking up with Rebecca Romaine (Lettuce) Stamos (no more). After the Bachelorette finale tonight, we're not sure we can sit through another season of this....but, Charlie is very handsome so we may flip over occasionally to see what type of desperate sluts want to degrade themselves on national television for their fifteen minutes.

We're far too disappointed in the Bachelorette finale to comment properly at this time, but we'll give an update once we've dealt with the fact that we've wasted a season of Monday nights hoping for a woman who turned out to be a retarded person. We saw her on The Big Idea with Danny Deutsch (they'll give anyone a talk show these days) and Jen insisted she never had sex with any of the guys that she has dated. NOT EVEN ANDREW. We're not a fan of the ALL CAPS form of communication, but we need for you to understand what she said. She has not slept with any of them, not even her former fiance, Andrew Firestone.

Jen, you're clearly a dicktease or a lesbian. Maybe both? John Paul was begging you to be his wife and you fucked it all up, royally. No wonder Andrew dumped your dike ass.