March 6, 2005

Brit and K-fed

It appears that Britney Spears may have lost her mind. We thought as much in January 2004 when she married that dude, Jason Alexander (not George) in Vegas on New Year's. Then she got married in Summer 2004 to K-Fed. Now she seems to have lost all common sense and is living as a dirty pothead. It's one thing to smoke yourself silly, it's quite another to look as if you have. Here's some advice:

*Take a shower once a day.

*Wash your hair every other day and use conditioner. Conditioner is your friend.

*When venturing out, wear mascara and lip gloss. None of this red crazy lip nonsense.

*Pretend that you have worn clothes before. When in doubt, jeans always work. Sweatpants? Not so much.