March 10, 2005

We love T.V.

Aside from the 50 Cent - The Game truce, not too much has been happening in the celebrity world. We've turned to our always faithful television.

Our favorite new show this week was 'The Contender' with Sly Stallone and Sugar Ray. We hope NBC figures out which night they're going to have the show be on because we don't have tivo and we're not about to chase your ass.

We loved the premiere of 'Intervention' on A&E because we love everything that they do. The show looks great next week, with the gambler....we hope Kenny Rogers will watch. The theme song is awesome and reminds us of The Samples.

West Wing is getting better now that Hottie McHott-Hott 'NYPD Blue' Guy is on it.

It's been two weeks since 'Desperate Housewives' has been on and we're getting annoyed. Damn you Oscars and Oprah movie. Damn you.