April 8, 2005

Desperate Drama

We love Desperate Housewives and were very annoyed when ABC took a five-week break to show the Oscars and some other crap on Sunday nights. We forgot to turn the clocks ahead last Sunday so we missed last week's episode, but the ladies aired a real-life episode at the photo shoot for the above cover. Apparently Marcia Cross went all Dr. Kimberly Shaw (Melrose Place) because she didn't want Teri Hatcher placed in the center of the photo, something about Teri being considered the star or something. Teri did win a Golden Globe while Marcia was almost outed as a lesbian, but that's neither here nor there. They all look fab, but only three show on the cover when it is folded properly. We predict a salary negotiations war in the future and hopefully Marcia will have to shave her head again like in her last show. That was memorable.