April 8, 2005

The Walk of Shame

Page SixSixSix printed the following email:

Okay, so I've been meaning to email all of you and inform you of the great gossip I brought back with me from LA. I have told a few of you already, so you might as well hit delete right now if I told you. anyway...Gordon's best friend and business partner (for those of you who don't know, Gordon is Elizabeth's boyfriend...my best friend from high school) was at lunch with Johnny Knoxville last week, and Johnny told him that he was really upset and felt horrible because he broke up a marriage. Oh yes...he told him that he and Jessica Simpson have been sleeping together through the entire filming of Dukes of Hazard!!!!!! Nick knows, and that is why he has been "out on the town" as the tabloids have been saying. Jessica is staying with her parents right now, and they are waiting until all of the Newlyweds stuff dies down before they separate. How sad for poor Nick. His wife is cheating on him, and the tabloids are giving him a hard time for going out and "flirting" with other girls. Can you believe it? I couldn't! Anyway, apparently it's supposed to come out in the tabloids within two weeks...we will see. Good gossip, huh? Very depressing for the cute couple, but great gossip!!!! Hope everyone is having a better day than Nick.

We predict the couple will split due to their demanding careers.