June 7, 2005

Jessica-Post Radio Station Fiasco

Seemingly unfazed that two people have given radio interviews confirming that she was unfaithful, Jess showed up at the MTV Movie Awards with her husband Nick and worked the cameras. We're not sure why neither she nor Nick has commented on the fact that the very personal details of her sex life are public knowledge. One would think they would defend her honor but that probably doesn't fit into the master plan of spin that has made her a household name. OK! magazine is offering $1 million to Jess for the story of her break-up, whenever that may occur. So basically, she gets paid if they divorce. Which we all know they will any moment now. And she is looking more and more like her assistant/best friend/girlfriend everyday. Her hair looks so much like Cacee's, we half expect to see a photo of her with a new short hairstyle.