July 18, 2005

Jude Law Apologizes For Screwing The Nanny

So this is the woman that Jude Law had the affair with, which led to the announcement that he's sorry for hurting his fiancee, Sienna Miller. Daisy kept a journal which details the sex she had with Jude, including on a pool table like his "Alfie" character. Whatever. One of his children walked in on them in bed and told Sadie Frost, Jude's ex-wife. Daisy denied the affair on the phone to Sadie, but then told one of London's tabloid's all about it. Of course.

And to the left is Sadie Frost, whom Jude met on the set of 'Alfie' and asked to marry him in December of 2004. We are speechless and know not what to say. Except for this. Jude, don't fool around with the help as nothing good can come from it. Sienna arrived at an event this evening not wearing her engagement ring. Kick him to the curb girl. And stop cutting up your clothes. No wonder he cheated on you. (Relax, we're kidding.)