July 21, 2005

Paris Is A Pig

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton was left red-faced last night (18jul05) after a car valet refused to clean her Land Rover because it was too messy. The porn star drove her beloved vehicle to a drive-in car clean service in Beverly Hills, California but was turned away because the company is not allowed to touch personal items, and Hilton's car was full of underwear, phones and bags. A worker tells British newspaper the Daily Record, "Her car was jam-packed full of junk - personal stuff. There must have been at least 100 magazines, but more shocking than that, make-up, cellphones, handbags and clothes, including a lot of underwear. We had to turn her away because it's company policy not to touch that kind of stuff."

On top of that, her fiancee wears a shirt with her picture on it and the words "Take Me To Paris." And he is really unattractive. And her hair looks like a horse tail. That's it. For now.