July 1, 2005

We're Scared Of Scientology

We enjoyed a cigarette with Rob Thomas at the bar of a restaurant in Manhattan (back when smoking was acceptable) and he was very nice. His wife, Marisol, sat at their table by herself while he was at the bar. Anyway, he was very nice and if he's bisexual, then that's fine with us. Rob and Marisol Thomas are a lovely couple and we hope everyone just leaves them alone. The cult claims to be able to "cure" homosexuality and uses celebrities to promote itself. John Travolta (who was outed in The Enquirer by his lover, Paul Barresi, back in 1990) is an outspoken Scientologist. Travolta married fellow Scientologist, Kelly Preston, a few months after his outing article ran in The Enquirer. The cult allegedly arranged the marriage and threatened to publicly out Travolta unless he stepped up recruitment for the cult. Travolta went on to thank L. Ron Hubbard at the Golden Globes when he won for 'Get Shorty.' Then there was the 'Battlefield Earth' disaster of a cult movie where he wore those dreadlocks. Sad. Kelly Preston publicly praised Tom Cruise on Wednesday for bringing awareness to their sect. You'll remember she played opposite Tom in 'Jerry Maguire'. In the same movie, the jazz pianist, Dave Brubeck, is mentioned who was a Scientologist. Members have to go through auditing where they tell ALL of their bad experiences and secrets from the past. This information is then used as leverage against them. Charles Manson was a Scientologist. Scientology is bad. Very, very bad.