August 19, 2005

I Am Whatever You Say I Am

Eminem has had a rough few days. Two days ago he cancelled the European leg of his tour, citing exhaustion. Yesterday, his aunt and uncle sued him for possession of a house he built for them and because they don’t believe a $136,000 gift is enough. Today, Eminem entered a hospital to be treated for an addiction to sleeping medication. Here’s a man that was abandoned by his father as a baby, grew up with a selfish mother whom he is now estranged from, and has raised his daughter while his ex-wife has been in and out of jail. A few months ago Em’s uncle killed himself and the press jumped on the story, going as far as reporting the suicide was prompted by a neighbor’s dog barking. Hopefully Eminem’s daughter doesn’t go to school with mean kids whose parents read The Enquirer and her daddy is home and feeling better soon.