August 18, 2005

The Return Of Pixie Paris

Before Paris released her porn tape and became famous for being famous, the owners of Prive' on South Beach (our former stomping ground) used to fly her and Nicole Richie (and sometimes Nicky Hilton) down to Miami nearly every weekend and the club would get mentioned in Page Six and the girls would do lots of drugs and yadda, yadda, yadda. Nicole was always screaming about how she wanted to kick someone's ass and Paris was always showing her vagina to anyone that would look and it was all great entertainment. We like to see the good in people so while Paris was dancing like a stripper on the bar, we admired her fabulous shoes. While Paris was throwing up in the ladies' room, we admired her cute little pigtails. And now Paris has finally gotten rid of the hideous hair extensions and we are so very proud of her. Now if she could just get her friend Tara Reid to do the same, the world would be a much better place.