August 26, 2005

Sean "Now It's Just Diddy" Combs

We'll use any excuse to show a photo of Tara Reid so here she is at P. Diddy's birthday party. You can thank us for not showing her 'you-know-what.' You see, she went to a plastic surgeon that inserted her giant new boobs in through her 'you-know-whats'. This left disgusting scars that make us want to throw up a little everytime we remember the image which is everytime she mentions it on her Taradise show (we can forget if you'll LET us). We caught the last 15 minutes of 'My Boss's Daughter' in which the normal-chested Tara stars with Ashton Kutcher and a lot of supporting actors (Molly Shannon from SNL, Andy Richter, Carmen Electra, Dave Foley, Terence Stamp, etc.) and she was just a normal, pretty actress with a pleasant voice that fit right in. Now the only role she can play is that of the dumb actress who bought giant porn-star boobs. (It's time to admit it was a mistake, Tara. Have them removed and let's all begin the healing process.) Oh yeah, and P. Diddy now just wants to be called Diddy. No P anymore. He announced it on the Today show, that the fans were confused by the P. And no...we did not make that up just to run the photo from his party.