September 21, 2005

Those British Are So Cheeky

Celebrities often make deals with tabloids so that they don't publish damaging photos and/or interviews. Matt LeBlanc did it with the Enquirer and we didn't hear from the limo driver that drove around while Matt picked up hustlers for gay sex. Kate Moss sued and won money from the Mirror after they said she was in a coke-induced coma a few years ago, which she probably was, and now they got their payback with the photos. Not to be masters of the obvious or anything, but Kate should have left well enough alone and ignored the tabloid. Europe's largest fashion retailer, H&M, dropped Moss after initially offering her a second chance, Chanel is not renewing Kate's contract and now the police have launched an investigation into her habit.
*UPDATE*Burberry also just cancelled Kate's contract.