September 13, 2005

We'll Always Have Paris

E! has cancelled Tara Reid's show, bringing the crew back to the U.S. without filming the last two episodes of the season. This was inevitable but nevertheless, we are sad to see her and her liposuctioned stomach go. Now who will we make fun of? Apparently only evil bitches like us watched the show and normal people don't want to hear a washed-up actress complain about how fat she is and how she wishes she was thin and that it takes her 'only a week' to get thin again. We know it's too late for advice but we'll give it anyway. If a major cable network flies you around the world and pays you to party, you should do the week of Trimspa before filming begins. And don't complain about how fat you are on television. It's like telling the higher-ups at E! that you don't give a shit about how you look. Now, neither do they. But don't despair, we'll still pay attention to you.