December 14, 2005

Jersey In The House

We love us some Tara Reid and are thrilled that she's not letting the cancellation of her show get her down during the holidays. While looking for some Tara news on the web we found this account on which made us feel all warm inside. Enjoy.

"Last Super Bowl, Tara Reid came into the Starbucks where I used to work. She was as drunk as a skunk and hanging out with four or five slutty girls wearing next to nothing. She asked if we could blend her a drink and add a few splashes of vodka (which she pulled out of her fake Fendi purse...eww). I told her we weren't a bar and there were no margaritas on our menu and she lunged over the counter screaming "DONT YOU KNOW WHO THE FUCK I AM!?!?!?" I told her that I knew who she was and still could not help her. She then did the most horribly embarrassing thing I could imagine. She turned to a male co worker of mine, lifted up her skanky tank top and said "ARE MY TITS BETTER AT CONVINCING YOU!?!?!"
I told her to put her funbags away and leave."