December 8, 2005

Nicole Richie And Fiancee Are Dunzo

Just when we were about to believe that Hollywood starlets and porn-stars actually loved their men, we were totally reminded that this is all a big spin machine that Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton are feeding the public. Nicole Richie announced that she and her fiancee were breaking up today which gave us a reason to run this photo of Jessica Simpson and her oversized collagen fish lips. (She and Nick are working some split spin lately so it seems us anyway). Nicole was a heroin addict and became a reality star with her best friend Paris. The two "broke up" as friends and then they each got engaged. Said engagements were then broken and somewhere in there Nicole snorted a ton of trimspa which made her lose a ton of weight and all of this made her super famous. Nicole and Paris played this shit all along and that's why they never talk about the real reason they're not friends anymore. Just like TomKat never talks about how they met. Always keep them guessing. Well played ladies.