February 5, 2006

The Sundance Sex Scene

The commercialism of Sundance was in full effect this year with many celebrities attending just for the swag while others were in Utah to promote their indie movies. Katie Holmes wasn't there at all, but her new movie with Aaron Eckhart called "Thank You for Smoking" was screened and became the scandal of the film festival. The film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year and featured a hot sex scene which was mysteriously omitted from the Sundance screening. Director Jason Reitman was asked about the missing scene and after first blaming a glitch, went on to say, "If you want to see a sex scene with Katie Holmes, rent 'The Gift.'" Apparently that movie shows a topless Katie. Of course everyone suspects Crazy Tom had the scene cut, but that has not been confirmed and no one has bothered to ask for a comment regarding the sitch. If anyone knows the number for Tom's publicist send us an email and we'll call. We're not afraid.