March 2, 2006

Celebrity Judicial Review

Clay Gay-ken (as Kathy Griffin refers to him) has become the Barry Manilow of a new generation with a devoted Christian fanbase known as the Claymates. Being that Clay is a "Good" Christian, many fans are furious he had unprotected gay sex with a man in North Carolina who gave graphic details on Howard Stern's radio show. Now Clay's record label has delayed the release of his second album until this scandal blows over and several Claymates are considering a Class-Action Lawsuit against the record company on the basis of False Advertising. In other legal news, CBS is suing Howard Stern, Jessica Alba is suing Playboy and Sophia Bush pulled a Renee Zellweger and filed court papers to annul her marriage to Chad Michael Murray, citing fraud. We're not sure how cheating with Paris Hilton became "fraud" but her lawyer earns points for creativity. Anna Nicole Smith went to Washington this week as the battle over her husband's $1.6 billion estate reached the United States Supreme Court and in NYC an arrest warrant was issued (again) for Natasha Lyonne. And last but not least, Oprah's whippin' boy, James Frey, was sued for being a big fat liar.