May 31, 2006

Market Research

So we spent last week on a small island in Hawaii and celebrities were the last thing on our mind when all of a sudden, we were blown away with the influence of Jessica Simpson. Yes, Jessica Simpson. There were two little Polynesian girls from the island that were thrilled with the pineapple and cherry garnishes on our pina colada's and they were very interested in life on the East coast and what they deemed to be very glamorous ladies. It could have been the highlights or the male accessory that wasn't wearing a wife-beater, but these girls were thirsty for any wisdom we could offer about life. After telling them that yes, college is recommended and no, you shouldn't have a boyfriend at ten years old....they both said that they wanted to be Jessica Simpson when they grew up. After a disturbing rendition of "These Boots Are Made For Walkin" we asked them, "What about Britney Spears?" In unison came the reply, "Who?" To the girls' credit, they were sporting natural tans.