June 26, 2006

Bad Parent Of The Day

The American Pie E! True Hollywood Story aired over the weekend which we were hoping would have an interview with our gal Tara Reid, but the only new footage was from Natasha Lyonne's father, Aaron Braunstein. Apparently he is acting as her spokesperson these days and called the Daily News over the weekend to threaten people that have seen Natasha around Manhattan in a heroin-induced stupor. One eyewitness saw her buying syringes at the drug store while another saw her injecting drugs on the sidewalk in Tribeca. We're no experts but we venture to guess that Mr. Braunstein should get his daughter to rehab rather than make up a fictitious story about an acting gig she has which will garner her an Oscar. When a newspaper describes your daughter as looking "like she could die any minute," it might be a good idea to go look for her.