June 29, 2006

Same Old Story, Same Old Song & Dance

Another day, another lawsuit. Naomi Campbell just can't stay out of trouble and it's about time she hires a bodyguard to protect the general public from her craziness. Yet another maid has accused her of assault (she's number 5) and Naomi has hired super defense attorney David Breitbart to keep her out of jail. Breitbart used to defend mafia bosses and arms dealers so there's a good chance that his negotiations will lead to a favorable plea deal. Speaking of jail, Naomi celebrated her birthday last month in Dubai and her friend/drug supplier, Dallas Austin, is still in prison there for trying to bring drugs into the country for her party. The government of Dubai has a very low tolerance for drugs and in extreme cases, drug traffickers have received the death penalty. So it might have been a good idea to celebrate with cocktails and good food and forget about smuggling cocaine in through customs. When your name is comprised of two Texan cities, you can probably anticipate some extra attention from security at an airport in The United Arab Emirates. That is like naming yourself 'Orlando Miami' and going to Cuba.