June 9, 2006

TomKat Revisited

Poor TomKat has been eclipsed by Brangelina and we're wondering how we'll make it through this summer without those crazy Cruises to poke fun at. Obviously we are only blessed with their antics when they have big movies coming out, and we can only hope the wedding is around the corner. The pre-nup negotiations are on-going with recent numbers giving Kate $3 million for each year that they are married, up to a total of $33 million. After 11 years, all bets are off and California's one-half law takes effect. We can expect a divorce a la Nicole Kidman after 10 years and six months (which is exactly how long they were married). Speaking of Nicole, her wedding is June 25th in Sydney and she has hired all the helicopters in the area for a reported $300,000 so the paparazzi can't get photos. Nicole, honey, unless Brangelina is invited...nobody really gives a shit.