July 10, 2006

Lovehandles Are So Street

We didn't bother to write about K-Fed's first single, "PopoZao" because it was all too pathetic. The song is him saying PopoZao (poh-poh-zow) over and over again and the word isn't even English, it means something in Portuguese. See? Pathetic. So now K-Fed is claiming that he punk'd us all with that song and said, "At first, when I put out PopoZao, people were kinda laughing at me. I did it on purpose so people would look at me exactly the way they did. That way, when I come out with my real shit, people are f*cking blown away." You know what, Kev? We already are blown away. We are absolutely amazed that someone as ignorant as you can actually still be alive and reproducing. Everyday that you're not involved in a Crystal-Meth-Cooking-Explosion is another day that we are in awe. So bring on your real raps but keep the trailer door open. Those fumes are combustible.