August 20, 2006

Lonely, Lonely Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is quickly replacing Tara Reid as the joke around Hollywood. First she was publicly berated by her boss, then her UK record company fired her. Apparently Lindsay did not receive what she perceives to be enough attention from Daddy and told Elle about her many sexual conquests, most of whom were far older than she. Lindsay's promiscuity has already garnered her the title of "Slut" which is not good, especially for a twenty-year-old. That label will stick with her for life. Her once cute personality has been drastically altered by cocaine and alcohol and now she is a self-centered, bitter, irresponsible brat who bad-mouths her friends and family as well as other celebrities. Her public image is one of an insecure and pathetic loser. Last week she was banned from Justin Timberlake's performance in L.A. at the House of Blues because "The last thing his label wants is Lindsay getting hammered and making a spectacle of herself." Music super-producer Scott Storch re-ignited the "We Hate Lindsay" movement by proclaiming, "We're actually celebrating Firecrotch Day," to a crowd of photogs, fans and tourists in L.A. while the Hilton sisters and Brandon Davis laughed. The moniker's originator, Davis, took the microphone at Paris' album release party in Miami and told the crowd, "I wrote a special new song called 'Firecrotch', and it's for Lindsay Lohan!" To top things off, she seems to have lost her bra.