August 2, 2006

More Mel Mania

The apologies just keep coming from Mel Gibson as he tries to "heal" himself and change his Nazi-loving ways, but he should really think about asking forgiveness from his wife and family for disgracing them. The focus has been on the anti-Semitic comments he made, but this is not really breaking news following the Passion film and reports that his father is a white supremacist. The new and improved embarrassment stems from his behavior which was totally wiggedy whack. At the police station he asked a female sergeant, "What are you looking at sweet-tits?" and began to unzip his pants so he could pee on the floor. The officers reported that he was screaming that he would f#ck them while continuously jumping like a chimpanzee. Now that is embarrassing. Then there are these pictures taken shortly before his arrest which speak for themselves. And to think that Mel wanted to move away from Brit-Brit because she was causing too much ruckus.