August 21, 2006


Last week Brit Brit bought herself some new shoes and graced the cover of People magazine with Sean Preston. Evidently there was a stylist present and she looked rather lovely. Things were looking up for the Spears family. MSNBC reported that she was making K-Fed get rid of the six sharks he keeps in a tank in their home due to the danger they present for their children. Good parenting on Brit's part. All of this sensibility led us to believe that perhaps K-Fed's first live performance closing the Teen Choice Awards last night might actually be okay. K-Fed said we would all be blown away and he had some tricks up his sleeve, blah, blah, blah. We were in fact blown away. No record company would pick him up so he started his own label called Federation Records and he "rapped" about his label and spending money and drinking champagne. We were in shock that this was being aired on television. That's how ridiculous it was.