August 25, 2006

Project Runway Round-Up

Things heated up with Jeffrey and Angela this week when he made her mom cry, but he is still in the race playing this season's villain. We learned that previously he "was a junkie living on the streets" which may explain why his neck is covered in tattoos. Barbie Boy Robert Best bid us adieu and eccentric Vincent won the challenge working with Uli's mom, Heidi. We have spent most of the past weeks in Manhattan at Parsons School of Design where Project Runway is filmed, as our Royal Princess sister from across the pond has been accepted into the Masters Program. The mentor slash advisor at Parsons is none other than the fabulous Tim Gunn and we know our Royal Sissy will definitely "make it work." As for the final three on the show...we predict our favorite designer Michael Knight will show a collection at Fashion Week as well as Uli from Germany via Miami. We're guessing the wild card will go to Laura, the newly revealed pregnant for the sixth time architect or Jeffrey because he makes for good TV. Angela and Kane have questionable taste and Vincent seems to be off his rocker, but as Heidi lets us know every week, "Sometimes you're in and sometimes you're out." Perhaps Angela's grandma flowers will miraculously be in again. If that's the case, Heaven help us all.