August 18, 2006

This Week In DeeWee News

Mr. Personality himself, Mel Gibson, settled his court case and received three years of probation, has to pay a $1200 fine as well as enter rehab. (Dee-Wee stands for DWI which is NY's version of a DUI-one is Driving While Intoxicated, the other is Driving Under The Influence but they both mean that you're totally screwed.) Also back in the news is the kid from Sixth Sense and Pay It Forward, Haley Joel Osment, who was charged with Dee-Wee after he hit a mailbox and flipped his car back on July 20. He is additionally charged with possession of marijuana and driving drunk under the age of 21. Silly question we must ask: are there no car services or cab companies over there on the left coast? Surely these movie stars can find alternatives to driving around wasted, alone, in the middle of the night. Can't they?