September 9, 2006

The Brit Brit 411

Brit Brit is ready to have her baby girl any day now and rumors give the name as Jailynn after her father, Jamie, and mother, Lynn. Quite original considering Brit's sister is named Jamie-Lynn. Hopefully this is just a rumor because the thought of one of K-Fed's children having the word 'Jail' in their name is just too ironic. The other rumor is that Brit Brit will be having a C-section on September 14th which is Sean Preston's birthday. In real news, the replays of the MTV Video Music Awards no longer show the stupid skit featuring Brit and K-Fed in which they poke fun at their poor parenting skills, but you can watch it here. If you're in the mood to see something truly funny, the music video for K-Fed's "Lose Control" is here. His album release date is October 31st so you still have time to reserve your copy.