September 9, 2006

The Final Five

New York Fashion Week is here and that means the finale of ‘Project Runway.’ It was two episodes ago that seven designers flew to Parsons Paris and Angela was out. Thank God. Jeffrey won the challenge and immunity and was really, really, really psyched that Angela and her granny flowers were eliminated. Jeffrey is this season’s Wendy Pepper so he’ll be in the final three although we’re hoping for Kayne to join Michael and Uli in the tents. The couture gown challenge sent Vincent packing last week and we’re happy we don’t have to hear him say, “It gets me off,” ever again. We loved Kayne’s gown but Jeffrey won again with his plaid number so we’re happy the designers no longer receive immunity for their wins. Highlights for next week foreshadow a loss for pregnant Laura as she is complaining about having to design for the Olsen twins. From the above photo we’re guessing Gwen Stefani will be a guest judge during the finals and/or her L.A.M.B. line will be mentioned ad nauseum. Jeffrey the Junkie will be in rock-n-roll heaven.