September 27, 2006

Here We Go Yo, Here We Go Yo

So whatsa, whatsa, whatsa scenario? If we're referring to Paris Hilton then the scenario is ultimately pathetic. Never one to exhibit taste or class, Paris walked in the Heatherette show at NY's Fashion Week and held up the show for an hour while she waited for her Man of the Week, Travis Barker, to show up. So much for that year of celibacy. Yesterday Paris was officially charged with Driving Under The Influence so she can add that to her resume, right under Porn Actress. Her spokesperson released this statement to People magazine, "Paris regrets the entire event...She had never been arrested before, so to go through the police procedure was very disorienting for her. It was personally humiliating for her; she is not taking it lightly or frivolously." That's a big change from her previous statement that, "It was nothing." Paris faces up to six months in jail if convicted. We'll shut up now so you can ponder that thought.