October 13, 2006

ABC, Easy As One Two Three

The time has come and Michael Jackson is now officially a white woman. Earlier this year he was seen applying make-up in a ladies' restroom during a shopping trip in Bahrain. His publicist said that Michael made a mistake and could not read the Arabic writing and went into the wrong restroom. Um, he's been living in Bahrain for a year now so perhaps he should learn these things. And why does no one care that he's putting on make-up? Also this year he arrived in Ireland wearing women's scarves. Add all of that with the fact that he regularly wears an abaya, the traditional dress of Muslim women, and you have a man that really, really likes to dress as a woman. Remember that video with Lisa Maris Presley when he was half-naked and had the body of a girl? If he truly is transgender then perhaps he should just become a woman and live his true life, as Oprah would say. The public will pretty much accept anything at this point from him just as long as he stays away from little boys. And we're reaching here, yes, but doesn't his daughter Paris kind of look like Macauley Culkin? She definitely looks nothing like what Michael Jackson used to look like. And Culkin is Godfather to Paris and Prince Michael. Hmmmmm.