October 12, 2006

Adios Anna

Anna Nicole Smith received $1 million from People magazine for the above photos and lost a lawyer in the process. Michael Scott, a member of Anna's legal team, has withdrawn as her spokesperson and counsel telling the Associated Press, "A disagreement on a commercial transaction made it difficult for us to remain as counsel. It was not an amicable parting." He added that there were "strong differences of opinion between myself and Howard over strategies." We happen to think that this "marriage" is more about the law stating that husbands and wives can not be called to testify against one another rather than proving paternity. Being that Anna and Howard were the only people with Daniel prior to his death, they will obviously be questioned in his death. The Bahamian police traveled to Los Angeles to look into Daniel's life and interview his acquaintances while Anna, Howard and baby DannieLynn have remained in the Bahamas. The body of Daniel has been at a funeral home in the Bahamas since his death on September 10th. A memorial service for Daniel was held by his father, family and friends in Mexia, Texas, where he was born. Aside from the sale of photos to the tabloids, Anna has not released any statements regarding anything. Her new husband, Howard K. Stern, gave details of the ceremony which included champagne and Kentucky Fried Chicken, but did not indicate when they plan on laying Daniel to rest. First things first, right?