October 1, 2006

Fam bon debarras!

The break-up of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker was a surprise to many, but we never liked Parker to begin with and thought he was a jerk on Oprah. We wrote the title of this post in French in case Parker is trolling the net looking for sympathy. [Yes, we're talking to you, Frenchie.] Good riddance means the same in all languages, but we digress. Eva made it very clear that she wants to start a family and Parker couldn't even pretend he wanted that. Not even for Oprah! The NY Post reported that Parker cheated with his ex-girlfriend which led to Eva dumping him. Whatever the situation, she's better off without him and judging by her smile over the weekend, she's doing just fine. Eva's character on Desperate Housewives said it best, "Pretty girls are never lonely."