October 12, 2006

It's All About Paris - Nicole Paris Edition

The famous feud has ended and Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are back to being BFF's and just in time for the new season of The Simple Life in which they will be camp counselors. We're expecting an appearance on Letterman by the duo as Sarah Silverman eluded to in her MTV speech, but no explanation for the estrangement will be given. That's probably because the whole thing was orchestrated for the media attention as was the reconciliation. Nicole talked in Vanity Fair about how she needed to change her friends after rehab and while Paris has been frequently photographed smoking pot, it's not like she got high at a wildly inappropriate time, say at Nicole's wedding, as she and DJ AM called it quits. As for the rumor that Nicole showed Paris' porn movie at one of her dinner parties, Nicole has denied doing that and Paris has only said, "Nicole knows what she did." Whatever that means. We're just thankful that the two are back together and we wish them the best. Now if only Paris could get Nicole to stop wearing that hideous red lipstick, all would be right in Hollywood.