October 26, 2006

I've Made Up My Mind

I'm gonna keep my baby, ooooh, ohhh, Papa don't preach. Madonna and her British accent were on Oprah yesterday to talk about the press coverage of her adoption process. While she was only on screen for twenty minutes she said, "My husband and I," at least 200 times. We get it. You're married. Here's your medal. It was like she was in a Kaballah trance and had to say that in every sentence. We learned that little David was two weeks old when he arrived at the orphanage, and his mother and three siblings died of HIV. She and her husband decided to adopt a child two years ago, they never considered adopting a child in Los Angeles (as reports suggested), and she never has met Angelina Jolie but did have dinner with Brad Pitt, although he did not influence their decision. The baby is healthy and there were some cute pictures of Lourdes and Rocco with little David. So, the adoption is sorted, and it's the bloody press that caused a row. Cheerio.