October 19, 2006

Jeffrey Sebelia Is Still A Loser

Our beloved Project Runway is over and Jeffrey the Junkie walked away with the top prize. Ugh. We're hoping he doesn't spend the $100,000 on heroin as that would break Miss Heidi Klum's heart. Tim Gunn's too. It's wonderful that Jeffrey traded the hypodermic needle for a sewing needle (and several tattoo needles), but this is not an after-school special. He went over budget and outsourced his work. Not cool. Our fave, Michael Knight, showed a collection that was a bit too ghetto safari and the judges were not feeling it. Oh well. Michael has a bright future ahead of him and rumor is he's dating Brandy. And yes she was there to cheer him on at Bryant Park. Too cute. Uli already has a following in Miami, and Laura will hopefully open a boutique on Madison or sell her dresses at Bendel's, just as soon as she gives birth to that sixth child. And throws "it on the pile with the rest of them." We'll miss you Michael and Laura. Auf wiedersehen.