October 20, 2006

Lifestyles Of The Poor And Infamous

In early June of this year Brandon Davis made his debut here on the blog with his outrageously obnoxious behavior which was all caught on video. The saga continued throughout the summer as his family looked on in horror while being ostracized from fashionable social circles. In September Brandon was denied entry into a NY club and it has been all downhill from there. The doormen at Hyde in L.A. have put him on a pay-no-mind list and his frequent denials have been videotaped for our viewing pleasure. This week Karma showed her hand with a story in the NY Post which details the true nature of the self-professed rich kid. Brandon owes money to several of his friends including producer Scott Storch, Palms casino owner George Maloof, and most notably Joe Francis, creator of the 'Girls Gone Wild' empire, to whom Brandon bounced a check. The Post obtained a copy of the check for $10,000 which states it was refused for 'insufficient funds.' What's worse is that Brandon's response to his friend on the telephone regarding the debt was "F*ck you." So to recap, Brandon is living with Paris Hilton as his mother and grandmother have had to sell their homes, he has a nasty cocaine and alcohol addiction, he's deep in debt, and now he has no friends. Brandon Davis-Zero. Karma-One.