October 29, 2006

Terms Of Embarrassment

This picture is reminiscent of the good old days when Tara Reid actually had friends slash babysitters that were able to contain the obnoxious behavior that characterizes her personality. Even as a young actress with mild success, Tara was completely out of touch with reality. Her inflated sense of self is on display in this interview with Howard Stern while her defining moment of 2006 is one of the web's most frequently downloaded clips. The "Tara Tour" made a stop on The View Thursday so that she could play the victim, a role she has perfected. Her trademark cigarette and booze voice was accented by a touch of percocet or codeine (think Paula Abdul on American Idol) so her words didn't come out properly. Add to that these exchanges: Tara, holding up a piece of paper, "Say this is a piece of paper." Joy Behar, "It is a piece of paper, Tara." Audience and co-hosts laugh, Tara turns red. As Rosie O'Donnell and Joy discuss the charity events they hosted the previous night Tara chimes in, "I did work for Until There's A Cause." Rosie had to correct her, "Until There's A Cure." Tara is embarrassed again. Basically we learned that her brother was dating a Playboy Playmate and Tara went to her surgeon without doing research and blah, blah, blah. She claims that her breasts were uneven, that's why she got the implants and she wanted a six-pack stomach, hence the liposuction. She lost her self-confidence and guys that she was with were grossed out by her freak body. Poor thing. Moving on, Eminem revealed on his radio station that he had sex with Tara Reid back in the day which explains her broken engagement to Carson Daly. Nothing says class like sleeping with the friend of your live-in boyfriend. While we are on the topic of engagements, the most pathetic part of the "Tara Tour" was two weekends ago and is the epitome of selfishness and pathetic behavior. A guest at a wedding in Santa Barbara reported on Tara's antics at the rehearsal dinner, "She was the definition of a trainwreck, loudly heckling the family and friends of the bride and groom during their speeches. One of the groom's buddies brought the Reid-tard as his date without telling anyone. If I were the groom, I'd beat the crap out of the guy." The following night, Tara was "blackout drunk before the reception even started. The wedding itself was actually dreamy because Tara spent the night outside in the lobby, crying her drunk face off." Gawker had more details of the weekend with this sighting, "Picture it...The Four Seasons Biltmore in Santa Barbara...mid-afternoon Sunday brunch (which btw is $65...yeah, we were shocked too)...we walk into the main dining room and I think to myself, "damn...that skank looks like Tara Reid." And it was; she was sitting at a table in the front quadrant of the room and positioned so that no matter when you walked in you could see her. Pucci-like do-rag on her head, tight jeans and some sort of Flash Dance-esque top (I must say she did look quite fit and appeared to be sober). We were then seated right behind her. And now for the good stuff...in the middle of brunch she gets up and starts pacing around the restaurant on her sidekick. She wasn't talking loud enough for anyone to hear, but she was walking back and forth over the entire front half of the restaurant; sometimes she stopped by other people's tables to continue her conversation. The sad part was that no one stopped her for an autograph or recognized her...the longer she talked and walked, the more she gesticulated to get people to notice her -- some angry "do what I say" motions, pointing at nothing and I did see her stomp at least 4 times. This went on for at least 10-15 minutes. Seriously. Her brunch companion (male, sandy hair, looked a little like Michael Douglas but probably only in his late 30s/40s) just sat there with his head on his hand and watched. I must try and get down there more often." So there it is. Tara Reid hits rock bottom, ruins an innocent couple's wedding weekend and doesn't even have the manners to pretend to feel badly about it. No apology, no explanation. Just more of the same "Look at me!" childish behavior. So, yes, we'll give you some attention. We'll even introduce you to our friend. Tara? Meet Karma. Let us know how it works out.