October 3, 2006

Was It Colonel Mustard?

The circus surrounding the Anna Nicole Smith tragedy and the subsequent Baby-Daddy drama has resulted in a distasteful scenario of epic proportions. It began when Anna gave birth to a baby girl in the Bahamas where she had purchased a home and was granted citizenship. Three days later her son Daniel flew in from L.A. via Miami and was picked up at the airport by Anna's lawyer and BFF, Howard K. Stern. The two drove to the hospital where they met up with Anna and took pictures of the happy family which appeared in last week's tabloids. Sometime in the next few hours, Daniel fell asleep on a bed in his mother's room and mysteriously died during the night. Anna, Howard and Daniel were in the room the next morning and tried to revive Daniel with the help of the medical staff. Hospital employees have claimed that Anna was screaming at Howard as if he had caused her son's death, then she was given a sedative and does not remember any of the events that took place. Anna hired an independent pathologist to determine the cause of death and he went on record saying a combination of methadone, zoloft and lexapro were to blame. Bahamian officials stated today that they will continue to investigate the death of Daniel and will release their own reports detailing the specific levels of each of the drugs in Daniel's system. Methadone is primarily used to treat heroin addiction and while Daniel was known to be on anti-depressants, no explanation for the methadone has been given. Then things got really sketchy as Stern went on Larry King Live and said he was the father of the baby girl although photographer Larry Birkhead was told by Anna that he was the father. Then Anna and Howard got up at 3 in the morning and took a boat ride out to sea where they had a commitment ceremony with a minister present. While the marriage is not legal as of yet, the laws in the Bahamas state that if a married couple claim paternity of a child then the husband is rightfully the father of said child, in this case, Danni-Lynn, the baby girl. Yes, she named the baby after her son that just died. Now today, Larry Birkhead has filed a lawsuit demanding that the baby be returned to California for DNA testing AND he wants Anna and the baby to be drug-tested. The suit goes on to say that he is concerned for the welfare of his child, Anna uses drugs, yadda, yadda, yadda. We're not sure where this is all going but if this was an episode of Footballers' Wives, Anna will test positive for methadone and she will turn out to have accidentally caused the death of her own son. In the conservatory with the candlestick.