November 8, 2006

Britney and Kevin: The Final Days

We all know that Kevin is a big stoner idiot, that's a given. But his behavior in New York this past weekend was at a low, even by his standards. First off, the Fedster was a no-show for dinner with Britney on Thursday. Brit Brit sat crying at her table at the Library restaurant with her bodyguard. Then Fedster refused to let Britney bring their sons to rehearsals for his concert. Friday night he had a release party at Stereo where he hung with his posse until 3 am while his wife was home with the kids. By Saturday, Fedster was staying at the Doubletree, separate from his wife and kids at the Regency. Saturday night was his nearly cancelled concert at Webster Hall where only 100 people showed up to the venue that accommodates 1600. While the people didn't boo him like in Los Angeles on Tuesday, it wasn't much of a show. At one point he led the audience in a "F*uck You K-Fed" chant. He was supposed to perform a second set at 11 pm, but told the audience at 1:35 am that the show was over because of "equipment trouble." He went on to say, "Everyone get drunk! That's what I'm going to do." We're no experts here, but getting drunk rather than trying to make up for your bad behavior is not the best course of action. Had he apologized to his wife and begged forgiveness, we would probably be blogging about Lohan's latest car accident right now.